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Hats & Helmets are parts of clothing that can be worn by the player in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


Owned Hats

Name Price Description
Beaver Big Valley Hat N/A Only available as part of the Grizzlies Outlaw exclusive outfit.
Big City Hat $15.25

The Big City hat with a small brim. Knowing people pay less money and have much nicer hats than peasants, and it shows.

Big Valley Hat $18.25 The Big Valley Hat with a wide brim and a buckled band. A cow boy's favorite sombrero style hat.
Bowler Hat $16 The Bowler Hat a London original. Also called a Billycock or Bombin Hat. A favorite among bankers.
Cavalier Hat $17.50 The Cavalier Hat  with an open crown. Worn when one wants to be recognized as one of the best society has to offer.
Crusher Hat $19 Men's Wool Crusher Hat. We take pleasure in offering this hat to you and politely request you speak of nothing else but our catalogue to friends.
Derby Hat $21.50 The Classic Derby Hat. City gents don this hat with pride. We have never failed to please our customers and accusations to the contrary are fiction.
Estate Boss Hat $18 The Estate Boss Hat with an open crown. The essential headwear for riding the out outskirts of an estate and heaping abuse on hourly workers.
Flat Cap $7.25 The Flat Cap self-shaping, all wool, new spring pattern.
High Crown Bowler Hat $20.50 The High Crown Bowler Hat. Brown, stiff, with leather band, satin lined. Bound to be very popular this season.
Worn Gambler's Hat N/A John's Worn Gambler's Hat are automatically available from the start of the epilogue 1 to its ending, however the player needs to drop it on the ground then pick it up again to save it in the wardrobe.
Worn Flat Cap $5.50 The worn Flat Cap heavily weathered with a hand stitched patch work. A classic for orphans and urchins.
Western Hat $8 The Western Hat bound in beaver fur-felt with a striped satin band.
Trilby Hat $10.75 This Trilby Hat with a double pinched crown and satin band. A favorite currently all the rage in Germany.
Stovepipe Top Hat $29 The Stovepipe Top Hat with stain band. The latest style that prevail in large cities.
Stalker Hat $19.50 The Stalker Hat with a telescoped crown. Hand tooled leather band. The illustration in no instance came close to doing this hat justice.
Rolled Derby Hat $21 The Rolled Derby Hat. Shrewd buyers please take note of this frankly a phenomenal offer.
Plantation Hat $12.25 The Plantation Hat in a western style. We have every reason to believe you will be delighted with this purchase, especially if you toil in the fields all day.
Paragon Town Hat $19.75 The Paragon Town Hat. A very fashionable style of hat made of fine stock, like our customers.
Panama Hat $12.50 The Panama Hat with a pinched front crown and leather band. The classic design pioneered in Ecuador.
Military Scout Hat $11 The Military Scout Hat with a corded band. A particular favorite among those who served in the cavalry.
Lazy Stovepipe Top Hat $13.75 The Lazy Stovepipe Top Hat with a stain band. A favorite amongst gentlemen and traveling salesmen vending elixirs.
Arthur's Gambler Hat N/A Automatically available at the start of the game. It is the player's standart hat, meaning it will always stay in the horse bag until the ending of chapter 6.
John's Classic Hat N/A Automatically available after the start of epilogue 2, and will substitute Arthur's as the player's standart hat for the rest of the game.
Bulldogger Hat $9.50 The Bulldogger Hat with a double pinch and a leather band. For steer wrestling & other rodeo events.

Crafted Hats

Name Price Description
Legendary Alligator Gambler's Hat $22 N/A
Worn Cavalry Hat $9 N/A
Worn Gambler's Hat $13 N/A
Legendary White Bison Hat $45 Slightly Warm
Badger Mountain Hat $26 Slightly Warm
Beaver Mountain Hat $28 Slightly Warm
Bear Grenadier Hat $24 N/A
Squirrel Flat Cap $16 N/A
Rat Flat Cap $12 N/A
Snake Bulldogger Hat $23 N/A
Iguana Big Valley Hat $14 N/A
Pronghorn Flop Hat $12 N/A
Deer Cavalry Hat $20 N/A
Bison Gambler's Hat $18 N/A
Raccoon Mountain Hat $21 Slightly Warm
Legendary Beaver Flop Hat $22 N/A
Legendary Cougar Flop Hat $21 N/A
Legendary Coyote Mountain Hat $23 Slightly Warm
Goat Flop Hat $12 N/A
Elk Flop Hat $12 N/A
Beaver Drifter Hat $20 N/A
Coyote Gambler's Hat $16 N/A
Grenadier Hat $24 N/A

Found Hats

Name Location
Tricorn Hat The big island west of Clemens Point
Chinese Skull Cap At a camp northeast of Armadillo
Civil War Hardee Hat Fort Brennand
Morion Helmet Northwest top of Mount Hagen on the Frozen Settler
Scarecrow Derby Hat Braithwaite Manor
Scarecrow Sombrero Caliga Hall
Scarecrow Top Hat MacFarlane's Ranch
Scarecrow Hat Guthrie Farm
Viking Helmet Old Tomb
Nevada Hat Granite Pass, inside the waterfall
Miner's Hat Inside the mine at Beryl's Dream
John's Gambler Hat Knocked off and subsequently picked up. Only works in Epilogue, Part 1

Stolen Hats

Name Location Missable?
Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat Smithfield's Saloon, the player can steal and keep this hat as a "Stolen Hat" between chapter 2-6. After epilogue, it will become unavailable to keep this hat for unknown reasons. Yes
Worn Flop Hat Emerald Ranch No
Homburg Hat Stagecoach drivers around Strawberry. No
Panama Fedora Hat Rhodes, inside the post office. No
Cattleman Hat Granger's Hoggery No
Plantation Gambler's Hat Braithwaite Manor
Workman's Flat Cap Annesburg, night time No
Straw Boater Hat Rhodes or Saint Denis No
High Hat Van Horn Trading Post or in camps near Horseshoe Overlook (randomly) No
Liberty Hat Worn by an enemy while chasing the stagecoach in the mission An American Pastoral Scene (randomly) or worn by a hogtied man during the stranger mission A Fine Night For It. Dying after the final wave of enemies respawns the player back before the wave, allowing one to quickly try their luck again. Yes
Farmer's Hat Stagecoach drivers around Strawberry No
Bucket Hat Worn by the workers at Appleseed Timber Company, available until chapter 6 or until completing all three stages of Appleseed Timber Company event area. It can also be found on riders in the West Elizabeth during the Epilogue, Part 1/2 (randomly). Yes
Crown Bucket Hat Annesburg No
Military Cavalry Hat Rhodes, inside the post office. No
The Mountaineer Hat Doyle's Tavern (randomly) or Annesburg jail, only avaible through the lantern glitch. No
Rodeo Hat Granger's Hoggery No
Conductor's Hat Around Six Point Cabin or worn by wagon coachmen. No
Military Officer's Hat Worn by Lemoyne Raiders No
Military Mountie Hat Fort Wallace or worn by enemies during the missions Favored Sons, The King's Son and My Last Boy. No
Cutter Hat Granger's Hoggery No
Western Homburg Hat Annesburg No
Wide Slouch Hat Ambarino area, southwest from Window Rock. No
Gambler's Hat Armadillo, Ridgewood Farm or Tumbleweed No
Military Forage Cap Worn by Lemoyne Raiders. No
Jipijapa Panama Hat Rhodes, town farm No
Newsboy Cap Only available during the missions The Sheep and the Goats, An Honest Mistake and Just a Social Call. Several enemies should be wearing it, just pick one up or sometime can found on the oil wagon drivers. Yes
Slouch Bucket Hat Butcher Creek or Armadillo No
Sun Hat Worn by enemies during the missions Savagery UnleashedA Kind and Benevolent DespotHell Hath No Fury and Paradise Mercifully Departed in Guarma (chapter 5). Yes
Boater Hat Rhodes, inside the post office. No
Moonshine Hat Emerald Ranch No
Worn Stovepipe Top Hat Butcher Creek No
Gaucho Hat Stagecoach drivers around Strawberry, and Rhodes, inside the post office. No
Derby High Hat Stagecoach drivers around Strawberry or Wallace Station. No
Flop Hat Emerald Ranch No
Bag Hat Butcher Creek No
Bolero Hat Worn by Del Lobos No
Straw Hat Worn by Del Lobos No
Roanoke Hat Butcher Creek No
Pinned Flop Hat Worn by Del Lobos No
Fisherman's Hat Either complete the stranger mission A Fisher of Fish, or kill Jeremy with dynamite before triggering the quest. The latter is recommended, as his hat may fly too far into the San Luis River to be picked up after the quest ends. Yes

Owned Masks

Name Price
Executioner Hood $4.28
Canvas Sack Hood $2.70
Cloth Mask N/A
Metal Skull Mask $7.65
Psycho Mask $9

Found Masks

Name Location
Pagan Skull Mask Pagan Ritual
Pig Mask Butcher Creek
Ram Skull Mask Rathskeller Fork
Cat Skull Mask Lakay