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State your side, Sir? North or South?
Hayden Russell to the player when approached

Hayden Russell is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Hayden Russell was a U.S. Volunteer captain in the 29th Ambarino Volunteer Infantry. He is a veteran soldier who believes the civil war is still going on and that the current date is April 14th, 1862.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The player can come across his base in Roanoke Ridge. If they do, Russell will point his rifle at the player and ask them which side they are on; North or South (as Arthur), or whether they are with the Union Army (as John). The player can antagonize or defuse the situation; if the player chooses to defuse, he is relieved that the player is not southern and asks the player if they have any news from his commanding officer, named General Scollick. Russell claims that he is awaiting orders to advance into Lemoyne and take Saint Denis from the rebels.

His base is in the Roanoke Ridge region near the western border with The Heartlands. Once found, the base is labeled on the map as "Clingman".



Hayden has a thick, bushy mustache and a thick head of white hair. He is seen wearing his military uniform, consisting of a dark blue jacket with buttons and rank markings. Atop his head, he wears a brimmed, grey hat.


  • If the player does not answer Russell's initial question, he will open fire on them. If the player points a weapon at him, then he will also begin shooting at the player. Unlike most NPCs, he may drop his weapon during an altercation, after which he'll rely on his fists.
  • Russell's belief that the current date is 14th April, 1862 and that he will soon march into Saint Denis to capture it from the rebels may be a reference to the real Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, in which Union forces captured New Orleans from the Confederates, having took place only four days later.
  • Russell seems to have memory problems, and does not remember meeting the player from previous encounters.
  • He appears to be a Corporal or Private.