Heath Michaels is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Heath Michaels is one of the Lawmen characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is unlocked upon reaching Multiplayer Level 31.


  • "Run home to momma!"
  • "I'm right here, huckleberry!"
  • "I can smell you from here!"
  • "I'm gonna put you in a world of hurt, amigo."
  • "I'll shove this Peacemaker down your throat!"
  • "Who wants some lead in they ear? Step on up!"
  • "I'm fixin' to break your skull wide open! Ya like that?"
  • "Gonna brand you like a goddamn steer!"
  • "Gonna learn you some manners!"
  • "You can't run from me. You gonna die!"
  • "You wanna dance with the devil? Well here I am!"
  • "You god-forsaken piece of piss!"


  • He appears to be based upon the character Everett Hitch in the modern Western film, Appaloosa.
  • Peter Turner will use one of his multiplayer lines as he rises from his grave in the Undead Nightmare DLC, albeit with a much deeper, more distorted voice.
  • He uses the same character model as Clay Brannon.


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