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Hector Barlow is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a stranger in Red Dead Online.



Hector works as the station clerk in Strawberry. At some point, he became affiliated with his Rhodes counterpart, Alden Carruthers, as well Josiah Trelawny.

Events of Red Dead Online

Hector can offer various jobs to the protagonist, including mail deliveries, escorts, recoveries and hunting missions.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The player can receive Coach Robbery tips from Hector after completing the mission "Friends in Very Low Places". After completing a few robberies, Hector tells the player that his union of "discouraged men" has been disbanded, and as a result, the player can no longer get coach robbery tips from him. However, Hector continues working in Strawberry, and the player can still visit him to pay their bounties and send or receive mail.

Pronghorn Ranch chapter

In the mission "Fatherhood, For Idiots", John Marston visits Strawberry to retrieve a package for Abigail. He goes to the post office and asks if he has anything for "Jim Milton", but Hector says that there are no items for that name. John asks, instead, whether there is anything for "John Marston", but Hector reports that there is nothing for that name either. Finally, John asks if there is anything for "Abigail Roberts", which there is. Hector asks John to sign a slip of paper and then gives him the package.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online

  • Deliveries
  • Escorts
  • Recoveries
  • Hunting