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Helaku is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Helaku is a Native American and a member of Dutch's Gang.


Helaku can be seen during the mission "Great Men Are Not Always Wise", where he executes Baxter Deaton before other gang members rush out of the bank. He is then seen holding some civilians hostage in one of the rooms on the first floor of the bank. He is also encountered during the mission "At Home With Dutch", where he is acting as a scout for Dutch's Gang and must be neutralized by Marston in order to survey the camp.

During "For Purely Scientific Purposes", he will participate in the meeting at Bearclaw Camp with other members of his gang. In "And You Will Know The Truth", he will detonate explosives which topple the Armored Truck carrying Marston, which leads to the mission "And The Truth Will Set You Free", where Helaku can be seen along with other gang members fighting Marston and his allies.

Mission Appearances


This ain't no white treaty Indian, mister!
You look like you're married, boy!
Say farewell to life, you fool.
I'll give ya some lynchin'.
Helaku, while attempting to lynch someone
I'm gonna cut your rocks off.
You better keep your nose out of other peoples' affairs!
Helaku, when the player interrupts a wagon robbery
Shut it, or I'll slit your throat right here.
Helaku, while attempting to lynch someone
This is what happens when you get me all loaded for beer.
Helaku, while attempting to lynch someone


  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Sanisuni Wagi.
  • His name is of Native American origin; in this culture, Helaku means "Full of Sun".
  • Before the release of the game, he, Hassun, Enepay, Kosumi, and Nashoba were meant to be bounty targets but were scrapped before the game was available to the public.
  • During "Great Men Are Not Always Wise" it is possible to stop the execution of Baxter Deaton by killing Helaku first. Once Helaku is dead, Baxter will flee before the other malefactors exit the bank.
  • In a loading screen in Undead Nightmare, he appears as an undead. However an undead with his model is never seen.
  • Helaku is only member of Dutch's Gang to appear in more missions than the other gang members.


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