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Help a Brother Out is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

Brother Dorkins asks Arthur to investigate a nearby shop suspected of acting as a front for human trafficking.


While walking in Saint Denis, Arthur encounters a monk named Dorkins. Dorkins asks Arthur to donate money to the church, and he can either agree to donate or refuse. Dorkins will then ask him to go to the local fence, who he believes is illegally trafficking children.

Arthur enters the store and owner greets him. Arthur can intimidates the shop owner until he reveals where children are located. However, this will reduce the chance of getting gold medal for the mission.

Alternatively, the player can use can Eagle Eye which will lead you to the bookcase or head over to the bookcase where Arthur will notice the scratch marks on the wooden floor. The shop owner will get nervous when the player heads to the bookcase and when the player opens the door the shop owner will run away.

Arthur will find two kids chained against the wall and frees the two children and brings them back to Dorkins, who offers him the option of taking money from the donation bowl for his payment. Arthur can either leave the money, or tell Dorkins to save it for someone in need.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Find the captives without threatening the store owner.
  • Complete within 2 minutes 45 seconds.

Video walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Mission 48 - Help a Brother Out Gold Medal

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Mission 48 - Help a Brother Out Gold Medal


  • The player can open the cash register and can give the money to the two children, this will raise the player's honor.


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