Oh, how I long for the luxury to have principles such as you... but I must actually do things.
Henri Lemieux to Jean Marc

Henri Lemieux is a minor character and stranger in Red Dead Redemption 2. He is central to the Stranger side-mission "Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners".



Henri Lemieux is a Frenchman who was elected as the mayor of Saint Denis at some point prior to 1899.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Lemieux is first met at a house party which Arthur, Dutch, Hosea, and Bill attend, and is pointed out by Angelo Bronte. He is seen talking to Evelyn Miller and a few others. After Henri discovers that Arthur stole documents to do with Leviticus Cornwall from him, he contacts Arthur, offering him work involving strong-arming people to do his bidding.

The first thing Henri sends Arthur to do is to intimidate a well known art critic, Professor Shiftacre, who is planning on revealing that all of the city's art is fraud, into submission. Arthur does so, and he is paid for it.

Lemieux contacts Arthur soon after, and asks for him to force a newspaper tycoon named Hector Fellowes into making a major donation to the city in order to build a new library. Fellowes is successfully intimidated.

Finally, the mayor tells Arthur that Jean Marc, his assistant, is planning on sending out dirt against both him and Arthur. Arthur then goes to Jean Marc's house to confront him, and knocks him unconscious. He then brings Jean Marc back to Lemieux's residence in the back garden, where Lemieux will command Arthur to kill him, before leaving.

Arthur can kill Jean Marc, and throw his corpse into the water nearby. As a result, the player will lose honor and Lemieux will remain the mayor of Saint Denis. Additionally, the player will receive a 10% discount from every store in the city.

Alternatively, Arthur can choose to let Jean Marc go, in return for Jean Marc giving his word that he won’t mention the player in his accusations. If this is done, the player will gain honor and Jean Marc will impeach Lemieux as mayor of Saint Denis. A few days later, Arthur will receive a letter from Jean Marc, thanking him and confirming Lemieux's resignation.


Lemieux is open to corruption and lacking in morals, but also very much a pragmatist who usually succeeds via manipulation and blackmail. This contrasts with Jean Marc, who is an honourable idealist (hence “Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners” as the name of the mission). He is also shown to be cunning and shrewd, being able to make the player do things for his benefit, and thinking of various ways to always get what he wants. His letter to Angelo Bronte shows that the two have a fairly positive relationship while, by contrast, Lemieux thinks very little of Leviticus Cornwall.

Mission appearances


  • The real-life mayor of New Orleans at the time of the game’s events (1899) was Walter C. Flower. Flower himself had been a member of the 1891 lynch mob that executed eleven Italian-Americans accused of killing the city's police chief (an event alluded to in the Saint Denis Times), whose murder was long-rumored but never proven to be a Mafia-directed assassination.
  • "Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners" can be done with John Marston in 1907, where John tells the Mayor that he knew Arthur and can work with Lemieux in his stead.
    • Helping Lemieux in 1907 shows that he has seemingly been mayor for at least eight years.
  • Lemieux can be seen in the stranger side mission "The Mercies of Knowledge", where he attends Andrew Bell's execution of Wilson J. McDaniels via the electric chair. However, Lemieux is disgusted by the event and quickly leaves.


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