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The Hermit is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


He can be found living at Manito Glade, a homestead north of Annesburg. If the player comes close to his cottage, the Hermit will shout obscenities at them, warning the protagonist to leave, while threatening them with the Rare Shotgun. The hermit will fire at the player if they come any closer.



The Hermit doesn't appear to be a friendly person, nor a sociable one. He has no hesitation to show his hostility towards the player, when the latter approaches his cabin.



The Hermit is a middle-aged western man. He has a long, dark moustache. His outfit consists of a large hat, a beige shirt with a red tie, and black work pants.


The Hermit looks considerably older in 1907 than he does in 1899, with greyer complexion and more aged skin. He is dressed in a red shirt with a yellow tie and blue jeans.


Get outta here! I said get outta here... go away!
The Hermit scolding the player
I'm not buying it, and I dont want it! I said I'm not buying it and I don't want it!
The Hermit screaming at the player
Are you deaf? Get lost! Piss off... go away!
The Hermit telling the player to leave
Don't make me come outside! Don't make me come outside!
The Hermit trying to intimidate the player
Could you do me a favor and go away now, please?
The Hermit talking to the player
Will you please go away and bother somebody else?
The Hermit trying to make the player leave
Whatever you're selling, I don't want it.
The Hermit neglecting the player
Whatever it is you want, do it somewhere else.
The Hermit clamoring
I have no interest in helping you, meeting you, befriending you, getting robbed by ya or seeing ya! Bugger off!
The Hermit shouting at the player
You don't scare me! Go away!
The Hermit yelling at the player
Get off my property!
The Hermit hollering at the player
Go away!
The Hermit bawling at the player
I don't know you. I don't like you.
The Hermit grumbling
Is this your idea of a joke? Go away!
The Hermit agitated
Are you deaf?
The Hermit ragging
Get lost!
The Hermit trying to dispose the player
Please go away.
The Hermit trying to expel the player
Somebody wants to speak to you... somebody a long way away, go and speak to them!
The Hermit trying to convince the player to leave
Didn't you understand me? I don't want visitors here!
The Hermit asking the player to leave
You're really starting to annoy me.
The Hermit warning the player
I am warning you. Go away!
The Hermit threatening the player
In case I wasn't clear, amigo, get lost, now!
The Hermit admonishing the player
Persistent asshole aren't ya?
The Hermit berating the player
Are you trying to annoy me? Go away. Go away now!
The Hermit irritated by the player
Come on, be gone!
The Hermit begging the player to leave
I'm starting to lose my patience here.
The Hermit hinting at the player to leave
You're not very inteligent, are you? I'm a lonely man in a house. I'm not worth troubling.
The Hermit trying to reason with the player
Did I use words that were too long and complicated? Go! Now!
The Hermit demanding the player to leave
Come on friend, go away, go away!
The Hermit imploring the player to leave
Do not annoy me... get lost.
The Hermit cautioning the player
Can you please, please, please get lost now?
The Hermit offering the player to leave
What precisely do you hope to achieve by standing there? Are you thinking, maybe he'll soften? Maybe he'll ask me, and we can become friends and go out fishing together and I can move in with him, and kill him, and steal his cabin. Well, you can't! It's mine, mine, mine! Go away!
The Hermit rambling
You're all bastards, bastards, bastards!
The Hermit coming out of his cabin
A man's home is his castle!
The Hermit after exiting his cabin
Go away or I'll kill you!
The Hermit after firing a warning shot
You're dead!
The Hermit before starting to shoot at the player
Ya bastard!
The Hermit shooting at the player from his cabin
Think ya tough, didn't ya?
The Hermit taunting the player

Missable Items


  • The first half of the Mended Map can be obtained by searching the Hermit's cabin.
  • It's possible that him and the Hermit Woman are related since each of them possesses a part of the Mended Map.
  • A drawing of him in the journal depicts him with a Carbine Repeater instead of the Rare Shotgun.
  • The outfit that he wears in the epilogue may be a possible reference to the Looney Toons character Yosemite Sam.
  • Once obtained, his Rare Shotgun will be replaced with a regular Double-barreled Shotgun or a Repeating Shotgun the next time he is encountered.
  • The hermit is one of the few characters in the game that the player can get two different journal entries for, from both Arthur and John.
  • Getting into a gunfight with the hermit is dangerous, as he will kill the player with one shot, no matter their health.
  • Photos of the hermit in the Rockstar Social Club will list him as the "Angry Isolationist".
  • It's possible that the hermit is Charlie Tatum, the killer of Otis Miller, or Otis’ brother Frank. The Otis Miller Boys Cigarette Card also features a man who resembles the Hermit in height and in appearance. This could also explain why he has one part of the Mended Map.[1]