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I believe in civilizing the masses, sir... but the first order of civilization is order. Law and order.
Heston Jameson

Heston Jameson is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. He is also mentioned in Red Dead Online.



Heston Jameson is the warden of Sisika Penitentiary. He has a brother, Archibald, who runs a mining company based in Annesburg.

Events of Red Dead Online

Although Jameson is never encountered physically by the protagonist, his actions influence the story on two occasions.

Shortly prior to the events of the game, Heston ordered Officers Jenkins and Milliken to move a group of prisoners, including the player, off the island to perform a work detail. This order is executed during the introduction and leads to all prisoners being freed by Horley, Went, and another hired gun.

Prior to the events of the mission path A Life of 'Shine, the government ordered the transportation of moonshiner Lemuel Fike and racketeer Stan Reardon to Sisika. During the mission "Blood is Thicker Than 'Shine", the player has to attack a group of lawmen camped near the Brush Fire to get access to a Prisoner Transfer Document written by Jameson revealing the place Reardon is to be joining the convoy transporting Fike. The player then has to Ambush the convoy to free Fike and take him to his aunt, Maggie.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Heston Jameson attends Mayor Henri Lemieux's party, where he is seen discussing the ethics of law and order with Dutch van der Linde and Hobart Crawley. Both Jameson and Hobart Crawley differ from Dutch's progressive views on the subject and have a more authoritarian stance. After the conversation, Jameson expresses that he disliked Crawley who, likewise, says the same thing about Jameson.

Much later, while Arthur Morgan and Sadie Adler are attempting to break John Marston out of the prison, a prison guard taken hostage named Milliken tells them that Heston Jameson is in charge of the penitentiary. However, after they arrive with the guard at the front gate, the other guards claim that Jameson is not currently in attendance and is instead in Saint Denis.

Mission appearances

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