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Red Dead Redemption
achievement and trophy

High Roller
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Description Win over 2,000 chips in a hand of Poker.
Gamer Score 10 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzebronze
Downloadable content N/A

Win over 2,000 chips in a hand of poker
In-game description

High Roller is a gameplay achievement/trophy featured in Red Dead Redemption.


  • Likely, the easiest way to get this achievement is when playing poker at the very start of "Lucky In Love". Post a bet of around 350, so usually at least one of the other players shall take the bet. Next, go all-in. Do this on both rounds. If lost, simply restart the mission and try again.
  • Wearing the Elegant Suit will enable the player to cheat at poker (be careful not to unbalance the bar while attempting to cheat; getting caught will result in a duel and loss of all chips and money).
  • Use the Gentleman's Attire outfit to take part in Blackwater's High Stakes table. When you get a good hand, go all-in. If you lose it all, quit the poker game, re-enter it, and try again. Eventually, beat one of the NPCs who matched the bet with a lucky pair, and win about 2470 chips. It is advisable to save the game beforehand, as it costs $250 to enter the poker game each time, if losing all the chips.
  • Push away all but one player at the poker table outside the saloon in Blackwater. Play at this table and just go all in on the first bet of the first hand and win within one or two games ($100 each) and get the achievement.
  • A split pot will result in the trophy/achievement unlocking.
  • It is not necessary to win all 2,000+ chips in a single game or hand. You can use the technique described above in Blackwater to win a pair of 2,000-chip games to unlock the trophy/achievement.
  • No specific strategy or tips are really required to get this achievement beyond standard ones used to win at poker in the game as this will almost be gained automatically when trying for the US Army outfit. If there are multiple players at the table each player has a thousand chips generally with three or four players in the game you will end up taking a pot of over 2000 chips at some point during the game. The Elegant suit can be used for a slight edge but isn't necessary.
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