The High Roller Double-Action Revolver is a weapon featured in Red Dead Online and to be featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The High Roller Revolver is a Double-action Revolver with gambler motifs engraved across the weapon. It cannot be customized or modified at gunsmiths and it does not have a compendium entry due to the compendium's space in the menu being replaced with awards.

The High Roller Double-Action Revolver performs the same as its regular counterpart: the standard Double-action Revolver. It therefore has low power (lower than all other types of revolver in-game), the highest rate of fire of all revolvers, the fastest reload of all revolvers in the game, and the lowest accuracy of all sidearms in the game.


The High Roller Double-Action Revolver may be purchased at any Fence for $190.00.


  • This revolver bears a close resemblance to the revolver used by Javier Escuella, although the two weapons are not identical.



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