A buckskin horse with a white and black mane and tail. Normal speed.
In-game description

The Highland Chestnut is a horse and mode of transport featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The breed is a golden horse with dark legs, a black mane, and tail with white running through it (frost). The horse moves at normal speed. Its true color is buckskin, being a golden color with dark points and not having the dorsal stripe or leg barring of the similarly marked, yet genetically different, dun. This two-star horse's base price is $250. The game describes it as a palomino, but it is a frosted buckskin (which means the mane and tail are black and white). In real life, the Highland Chestnut, however, is never these colors. It is either chestnut, dark chestnut, sorrel, or liver chestnut.


  • The Highland Chestnut is actually a frosted buckskin horse, but back in the western days, horse color standards were not established or recognized, so the horse was considered a buckskin or a palomino with dark legs. The mane is two-toned, with white roots and dark tips, like the dun of a Norwegian Fjord pony.
  • The Highland Chestnut can easily be confused with the Kentucky Saddler as apparent by their very similar golden color and white mane.
  • The Buckskin American Standardbred from Red Dead Redemption 2 is optical similar to the Highland Chestnut.



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