Name's Hinto, heard of me, son?
Hinto during a firefight

Hinto is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Hinto is a Native American and a member of Dutch's Gang.


Hinto is encountered during the mission "For Purely Scientific Purposes", in which he, along with Kosumi and Enepay, meet with Nastas, John Marston, and Professor Harold MacDougal. After a brief exchange of words, Enepay shoots and kills Nastas, causing Marston to shoot Hinto and his comrades in return.

Mission Appearances


Hinto during a gunfight
Hinto during a gunfight
Only law is Indian law!
Hinto in a wild posse
Hinto in a wild posse
Clear the way, or lose your life!
Hinto in a wild posse
I gutted women in the plains wars, I'll gut you too.
Hinto during a gunfight
I can't wait to scalp you.
Hinto during a gunfight
Let's go, don't be a lady.
Hinto during a gunfight
Come on then, you son of a bitch.
Hinto during a gunfight
Hinto after seeing a corpse
Name's Hinto, ya ready to die, son?
Hinto during a fistfight


  • He is one of two members of Dutch's gang not to be available in the Outfitter, the other being an unnamed member.
  • He is the only member of Dutch's Gang to wear a duster coat, and one of the few to wear war paint.
  • He appears alongside Dutch van der Linde himself numerous times.
  • His name is of Native American origin; in this culture, Hinto means "Blue".
  • He could be from the same tribe as Dakota, as Hinto is a Dakota name.
  • He and Enepay are the only members to lead a wild posse, dragging a lassoed victim with them.


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