A Hitch is a wood post that is used to tether the player's mount while going about on foot in Red Dead Redemption.


Hitch (New Friends, Old Problems)

Marston hitching his horse on the mission New Friends, Old Problems.

The player hitches a mount by riding up near the Hitch and pressing the appropriate controller button when prompted (square for PS3, X for Xbox 360). This can also be done while dismounted if the player and mount are both near the Hitch. A short animation shows the player attaching the reins to the Hitch.

Once hitched, the player's horse will stay attached until whistled for or mounted. The player will find the horse hitched automatically upon starting a session, awaking from a safehouse save, or when starting or completing some story missions, whether or not it was hitched previously.

Upon hitching a new horse to a post, the game autosaves and said horse is designated as the player's 'trusted steed,' replacing the previous mount. This means that the horse will now come when whistled for and will be the one automatically hitched in the above mentioned situations.

Hitches are also a nice place to look first when planning to steal a horse.

One hidden achievement/trophy can be affected by hitching a new horse.


Hitches can be found in towns near telegraph offices, sheriffs buildings, train stations, living quarters, saloons, general stores, living quarters and outside the entrances to compounds like El Presidio and Las Hermanas.


  • There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that hitching a horse seems to trigger the posting of Wanted Posters, fame building random encounters (like catch a thief), and spawn the nun who gifts the Obscuridad del Santo Andres.
  • You can shoot the rope attaching the horse to the hitch and break it. But the horse will still stay there as if the rope never broke.
  • If the player is to whistle for their horse while it has been hitched it will suddenly break free and come to the player.
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