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Holy Relic
Acquisition Given when donning the Undead Hunter Outfit or the Army of the Undead Outfit.
Use Replenish ammo once per day.

A small cross that refills items and ammunition once a day.

–In-game description

The Holy Relic is a kit item attainable in Undead Nightmare.


You have unlocked the Holy Relic item. It can be used once per day to refill ammo for your most coveted explodable weapons.
In-game acquisition announcement

The Holy Relic is unlocked by donning the Undead Hunter Outfit or, if the player has completed the game, the Army of the Undead Outfit. When used, the Holy Relic replenishes the player's "most coveted explodable items" (not standard weapon ammunition, i.e. bullets) and items, but can only be used once per game day.

If the player attempts to use the Holy Relic more than once within a 24-hour period, an on-screen message will display the following text:

You have already used the holy relic today. Wait at least a few hours before you try to use it again.
In-game message


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