Holy Water
Type Projectiles
Games Undead Nightmare
Power Very High
Range Medium
Rate of Fire Low
Ammo Capacity 10

Holy Water is a weapon featured in the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Holy Water is a flask of water that has been blessed and incapacitates any Zombie nearby, as before. Holy Water is one of the random weapon drops in Undead Overrun, and is also sometimes given to the player who opens the coffin in-game. Soon after it is thrown in multiplayer huge and explosive bolts of lightning fall from the sky randomly in the general area that the Holy Water landed. These bolts kill any zombies in the vicinity, spectacularly, and the bombardment itself is extremely destructive, including to the players themselves.

An effective way to use Holy Water is to throw undead bait and wait until a few zombies come, and then throw the Holy Water. This tactic can also be used on Overrun when you are getting swarmed by the undead and can also help to complete the wave faster and earn a better combo.


Undead Nightmare

Undead Overrun

  • Found in a coffin.


  • If thrown on a human, they will not be burned, but a blue flame still rises and they are injured.
  • It is implied in a notification after the conclusion of On a Pale Horse that John Marston was buried with a flask of Holy Water, thus resulting in his resurrection without becoming like the Undead.
  • Sometimes, the player cannot whistle for their horse while wielding Holy Water.
  • Holy Water, Boom Bait and Undead Bait are the only Thrown Weapons that are not available in normal Multiplayer.
  • If the player's running out of Holy Water, they can either loot the bodies of the undead or use the Holy Relic kit to replenish their supply in Undead nightmare single player.
  • Along with the Blunderbuss, Holy water is only featured in Undead Nightmare and Undead Overrun (Multiplayer).


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