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Horley is a central character featured in Red Dead Online.


Events of Red Dead Online

Horley is first encountered as he and two other men ambush the wagon holding the player. He easily talks the guards to disarming due to their predicament, before having them release the prisoners. He asks the player to follow him after picking up the thrown down weapons by the guards. He takes them to the camp of Jessica LeClerk, who informs the player of what has occurred. 

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Horley comes across as a very level-headed and collected man. He is often a voice of reason, and seems to also be rather persuasive, as shown on several occasions. Horley is also deeply loyal and protective of his employer, Jessica LeClerk, and seems to be her closest friend. He is not adverse to breaking the law when needed, however he does try to avoid causing too much trouble.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


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