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Hortensia is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Hortensia is a German strongwoman that performs at the Théâtre Râleur in Saint Denis.

Aldridge T. Abbington claims that he found her in Bavaria, Germany. She states that she has done shows in New York, San Francisco, and Blackwater.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

In her first show she will demonstrate her strength by bending a metal pole and will rip a book apart. She then lays down on top of a drawer and places a cement block on her. Her male assistant will smash the cement block laying on her. She shows the audience that she is uninjured and the show ends.

If the player antagonizes the assistant, he will mess up and hit her instead of the cement block. She will become angry with the assistant and chase after him with the cement block.

In the next show, she will demonstrate her strong balance and then decides to challenge any male in audience into fighting her. The player can step on stage or let audience member fight her.

Hortensia will defeat the audience member and will drag him off the stage.

If the player fights her, they will eventually lose to Hortensia and will wake up outside of the theater.


  • She is allegedly from Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany. However, she notably lacks a German accent.
  • She will always win the fight regardless if the player is at maximum health.