Houseboat is a structure in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Bluewater Marsh region of the Lemoyne territory.

This building can be found along the southern shore of the Kamassa River after it crosses into Bluewater Marsh from Roanoke Ridge. It is directly south of the large island.


  • On a table within is the Cigarette Card for Miss Maud Delancey.
  • There is a Journal Entry for a Phonograph inside on the wall.
  • Northeast of the houseboat, the Legendary Boar can be hunted.
  • To the northwest and across both the river and the border is a shack. On the shack's front porch table is the Cigarette Card for Cyclist - R.S. Harradon.
  • Roughly due west of the houseboat Gator Eggs can be found. Following the shore of the river on the way there also nets Rat Tail Orchids.
  • Southeast is a small farmhouse. Under the nearby shack is a crate atop which is the Cigarette Card for Oarsman - H.T. Slocum.


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