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Hunting is a companion activity in Red Dead Redemption 2. It becomes available after completing the mission "Eastward Bound" in chapter 2.

Mission Overview

Charles takes Arthur hunting for bison.


Charles and Arthur go hunt bison in The Heartlands. Upon noticing several poached bison that have not even been made use of, Charles decides to track down the poachers. After arriving at their camp, Charles confronts the two. When one of them becomes intrusive, Charles kills him with his Sawed-off Shotgun, terrifying his companion. Arthur then interrogates the remaining poacher, who reveals they murdered the bison to make it look like the Indians did it. After that, Arthur can kill the poacher or let him go. The latter will reward the player with positive honor. Afterward, Charles rides off and the player is required to loot the camp until they find the Poison Throwing Knife Pamphlet.


  • Unidentified poacher - shot dead by Charles Smith for killing the bison
  • Unidentified poacher (optional) - can be killed by Arthur Morgan



Red Dead Redemption 2 - Companion Activity 2 - Hunting (Charles)


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