Hunting Grounds are designated locations in the Free Roam mode of Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer where players can earn XP by hunting a particular type of animal. The locations are added by the Liars and Cheats DLC. The term "Hunting Ground" is also used informally to refer to areas in single player or multiplayer where animals are abundant, either by random spawning or for specific challenges.


Each Hunting Ground is designated on the game map by a bulls-eye symbol. Players trigger the Hunting Ground by entering into its vicinity. A message appears telling the player to hunt for the specific type of animal that is present in that Hunting Ground.

After a certain number of animals are killed, a Legendary Animal appears. When that animal is killed, players must then kill off any remaining animals to complete the Hunting Ground. As with Gang Hideouts, a scoreboard appears when a Hunting Ground is complete, displaying statistics for each player who participated. XP are awarded to each player based on performance.

If a player triggers the Hunting Ground, but does not wish to complete it, simply leave the area. The game will first display a warning message to return to the area and then will inform the player that they have left the Hunting Ground.


There are four Hunting Grounds added by the Liars and Cheats DLC, each featuring a single animal type:

Location Animal Type Legendary Animal
Broken Tree Boar Wilbur the Boar
Rio del Lobo Wolf Keifer the Wolf
Roca de Madera Bobcat Roberto the Bobcat
Silent Stead Cougar Demi the Cougar


  • As with hunting in general, riding on a stagecoach or climbing on a roof keeps the player from being attacked while allowing a good vantage point to aim at the animals.
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