Improved Campsite
Campamento 2
Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Game world manipulator
Obtained by Purchase in a General Store.
Gives you a place to rest. Refills ammunition for all types of guns if you have none.

–In-game description

The Improved Campsite is an upgraded version of the Basic Campsite in Red Dead Redemption.


The Improved Campsite has all of the same items as the basic one, but features a small turning spit over the fire and a small tent. All of the notes regarding location restrictions for the Basic Campsite also apply to the Improved Campsite.

Using the Improved Campsite will refill most of the player's ammo for all weapons. As with the original campsite, the player can also change outfits, save the game, or fast travel to a destination.


Marston can buy it at a General Store, for a price of $175 (or for $88 with High Honor).


  • As with the Basic Campsite, it can be used while riding a horse
  • Despite the campsite having a tent, John doesn't use it.
  • If a cheat code is active, the Improved Campsite cannot be used to save the game if not connected to the internet.

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