John Marston browsing his inventory.

The Inventory is the system of personal item access and storage utilized in Red Dead Redemption. To open the Inventory, press the "Select" button (PS3) or the "Back" button (Xbox 360).

The inventory system consists of the contents of Marston's pouch. Items that are automatically stored are goods collected from hunting, harvested plants, and most items bought from merchants. Marston uses a worn satchel for his inventory. However, it's not large enough to hold things such as campsites and rifles.

The player inventory consists of three sections: Consumables, Kit, and Provisions.

  • Consumables are various medicines that Marston can use to restore health, the Dead Eye meter and Horse stamina .
  • Kit items are the different tools that Marston carries that can be activated for use. It includes a Basic or Improved campsite kit, various papers (maps, pardon letters, newspapers, etc.), and equipment such as Binoculars.
  • Provisions are the various plants, animal skins, and the like that Marston can gather and sell to merchants in the settlements across New Austin.
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