No one ever beat Ira Shelton in shootin'.

Ira Shelton

Ira Shelton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Ira Shelton is a hunter, gambler, and Armadillo worker. He is also the younger brother of Lewis Shelton. Ira is very confident in his shooting skills. His relatives, Edgar and Lila Shelton, are buried at Odd Fellow's Rest. He also mentions that his mother lives in Blackwater.


Red Dead Redemption

Ira can most often be found in or around the saloon at Armadillo, where he plays Poker. He can also be seen sharpening tools, dunking his head in a trough, or sitting in a bench and taking a smoke. It can be assumed he is a resident of Armadillo, or at least Cholla Springs. During a random encounter in the wilderness, Ira may challenge Marston to a sharpshooting contest.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Ira can be found defending the settlement of Rathskeller Fork where he is on the roof of one of the buildings. If Rathskeller Fork is saved and Ira survives, he will stand around the fire pit with Carnelious Wolfe.


The whole damn town is gonna remember my name!
Ira Shelton, when shot
How good are you with iron? Bet you can't beat Ira Shelton in shootin'; I'll bet you money!
Ira Shelton challenging Marston to a shooting competition
Ira Shelton is about to beat you down, son.
Ira Shelton, in a fistfight
This all you got? You ain't a man!
Ira Shelton, when assaulted
You ever use that gun of yours? You want me to show ya?!
Ira Shelton
You better fetch up a pine box now!
Ira Shelton
They're getting the jump on ya!
Ira Shelton to another NPC in the same gunfight
You best fish or cut bait!
Ira Shelton
Girls around here say you gotta little prick!
Ira Shelton
Watch it!
Ira Shelton, witnessing a crime
Good day to you
Ira Shelton when greeted
Man got shot dead at this table last night.
Ira Shelton when dealing at Poker
Hey Marston.
Ira Shelton when greeted
Ira Shelton when greeted
I'm feeling aces, you?
Ira Shelton while dealing in Poker


  • Ira's clothes are similar to Bert Venters. He also shares the same body with Shelby Bancroft.
  • Ira shares a character head with Kurt Lauterback.
  • Ira claims that people in Armadillo are scared of him.
  • According to his brother Lewis, their grandfather died at Riley's Charge; presumably he was a soldier who was killed in the battle which took place there.
  • On rare occasions, both Lewis and Ira can be found playing poker in Armadillo simultaneously.
  • In Undead Nightmare, Ira seems to be the last survivor in his family, since Lewis Shelton and Ms. Shelton cannot be found.


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