You know, there ain't enough kindness in this world, that's for sure.
Weathers to Arthur if he absolves his debt

First Lieutenant J. John Weathers is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



J. John Weathers was a soldier, who was stationed at Fort Wallace and he owes money to Leopold Strauss.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

J. John Weathers has deserted from his post and is being hunted down by U.S. Army soldiers. Weathers is seen repairing on a broken wagon. When Arthur confronts him about his debt, he tells Arthur that he can give him supplies off the damaged wagon to pay off the debt and needs help fixing it. Arthur refuses to help him. He tells him that some men are looking for him and want to kill him and that he is no deserter.

Arthur will continue to refuse until he hears the voices of soldiers arriving to kill Weathers. Arthur will help him fight off the soldiers. After the fight is over Weathers notices that the wagon is on fire and calls out for his wife. When she comes out of bushes, Arthur notices that she is Native American and seems to be pregnant. Arthur laments that he should have help him fixed the wagon. Weathers offers to give Arthur a silver locket to wipe the debt, which Arthur can either accept or decline. Arthur tells him to go take his wife somewhere safe, after which Weathers leaves with his wife.

Weathers's final words to Arthur can be one of the lines he reflects upon during his last ride.

Mission appearances


  • The ranks on his shoulders indicate that he was a first lieutenant.
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