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When you get too old to fight, what choice have you got? It's either work or beg and I'd rather work.
JB Cripps

JB Cripps is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



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Events of Red Dead Online

After his introduction, JB Cripps becomes an associate of the Red Dead Online protagonist through being in charge of managing and organizing their camp.

Cripps can also become the player's partner in the Cripps Trading Company if they choose to purchase the Butcher’s Table to unlock the Trader Role.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online



Cripps appears to be a hard-working man who has acquired experience in quite a few different areas in his past. At camp, he can be seen working almost all the time. On rare occasions, Cripps will play his harmonica or just rest on his stool. As a loyal camp companion, Cripps will also defend the player, himself, and the camp if he spots enemies nearing. He always seems to be friendly towards the player, saying goodbye when they leave the camp and welcoming them back upon return. He will also randomly tell the player stories about his own life adventures.


Cripps is an elderly, bald-headed man, likely in his late 60s or early 70s. He has blue eyes and a grey beard. By default, he wears his ordinary outfit named "Standard 1", which consists of a light brown duster coat, a dark brown shirt, a dirty blue neckerchief, brown trousers, black boots, a black weapon belt, dark brown gloves as well as a brown hat. Cripps' outfit can be changed by the player by using wilderness outfitters and buying one of 21 other available outfits.


Did I ever tell you about the bank job in Tennessee?
JB Cripps
One time, I almost helped a clown steal an elephant...
JB Cripps
Don't do anything I wouldn't.
JB Cripps when the player departs from camp
The wanderer returns.
JB Cripps when the player returns to camp



  • Among his idle comments, while tending to the player's camp, Cripps will mention having participated in a bank robbery in Tennessee at one point with two outlaws named Limpy Pete and Phil the Crab.

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