Let's see how fast a girl like you draws iron!

Jacques Billeray

Jacques Billeray is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Jacques' background. Judging by his name, he is most likely of French descent or possibly of a Francophone community.


Red Dead Redemption

Jacques can most commonly be found playing the piano at The Dixie Rose, Thieves' Landing brothel, or playing Poker in the Saloon. Jacques may challenge the player to a Duel while they are in the area, or after being caught cheating at Poker. He appears in a Random Encounters where he tries to stab a Prostitutes.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Jacques can be found defending Thieves' Landing, where he is either on the roof of the Gunsmith or on the balcony of the Dixie Rose brothel. If Thieves' Landing is saved and Jacques survives, he will stand by the saloon. He is often the survivor leader in the town.

He can also be found in surrounding parts of America, challenging Marston to a zombie-shooting contest.


Hey! Yellow belly! Come here!
Jacques Billeray
Hey buddy, want to help out?
Jacques Billeray explaining his situation
You again? Help me get rid of some more of these undead cocksuckers.
Jacques Billeray explaining his situation
I bet you some ammunition I can kill more of these bastards than you.
Jacques Billeray challenging the player to a shooting contest
Step it up now, getting too close.
Jacques Billeray complaining about nearby undead
Eyesight bad? Whoo-wee.
Jacques Billeray complaining on some nearby undead
I can't believe it. Oh well, I'll pay up.
Jacques Billeray after losing a shooting contest.
A lot of my family got killed in this mess.
Jacques Billeray talking about the Undead Nightmare
Your breath smells terrible!
Jacques Billeray insulting the undead and enemies alike
I kill you death!
Jacques Billeray insulting the undead and enemies alike
Bullets, shit-for-brains!
Jacques Billeray asking politely for more bullets
You got me madder than an old white hen! I need bullets, fool!
Jacques Billeray asking for bullets


  • He wears the same outfit as Friday Lee.
  • Despite the fact that his name suggests French origin, like Leander Holland, he has no French accent.
  • Sometimes while playing Poker, he mentions that his mother has tuberculosis.
  • His name may refer to Jacques Villeret, a French actor, due to the similar pronunciation.
  • He shares the same character head with the Barkeep in Thieves' Landing.


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