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Jamie Gillis is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Jamie is the younger brother of Mary Linton. While Mary was engaged to Arthur Morgan, it is implied that Jamie was the most tolerant of Arthur and that Arthur liked him in comparison to the rest of Mary's family. Jamie also has a poor relationship with his father, who verbally abuses and belittles Jamie, leading to him having issues with self-esteem. At some point, Jamie ran away from home and joined Chelonia, an infamous fanatical cult.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Mary, wanting to get Jamie away from the Chelonians, writes to Arthur requesting his help. If Arthur accepts, he rides to the Chelonians' camp and finds Jamie worshiping with other cultists. Arthur can violently or peacefully try to persuade Jamie to leave the cult. He will tell Arthur to leave him alone and rides off on his horse, with Arthur giving chase. Jamie is eventually bucked by his horse, which flees, and he continues to warn Arthur to leave him alone. He then tells Arthur that he wants to die, pulls out a revolver and points it at his head, prompting Arthur to shoot the revolver out of his hand. After successfully disarming Jamie, Arthur tells him to go and see his sister, and a scared Jamie thanks and hugs Arthur for stopping him.

Arthur and Jamie arrive at the train station in Valentine to meet Mary, where Jamie hugs his sister and tells her that he will come home. The last time he is seen is when he and Mary are boarding the train.

Mary eventually sends another letter to Arthur, she states that Jamie and her father still argue with each other. She also states Jamie has decided to go back to college.

If Arthur refuses to help Mary rescue Jamie, Mary will reveal that Jamie eventually left the cult and returned home, musing that Arthur was wise not to interfere.

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