Jason Cornet is a character from Red Dead Revolver.


As Governor Griffon's personal bodyguard, Jason Cornet and the rest of the Cornet Brothers guard the mansion. Out of the entire group of the Cornet brothers, Jason is Griffon's right hand and is the Leader of the Cornet Brothers. Apparently, he will use any means, even of extreme cruelty to his subjects, to entertain Griffon.

Jason Cornet is the bounty reward for completing the mission "Siege", with a value of $1000.



Jason Cornet confronts Red and Buffalo.

Jason Cornet is seen in the Brimstone Saloon right before the final day of the Battle Royale, where he is very complimentary towards Red Harlow, telling him the governor could use someone like him. He is also on the balcony next to Sheriff Bartlett during each of the duel introductions, along with his brother Oswald.

In the mission "House of Cards", Red must duel Jason Cornet.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

The player can unlock Jason Cornet as a playable character in Showdown Mode by completing the mission "Siege" with an Excellent rating or by purchasing the Store Photo from the General Store in Brimstone any time after the mission "Freak Show".

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Jason Cornet is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 272 - 273 under the Protectors of Brimstone section. The pages are unlocked by unlocking his showdown character by either of the methods noted above. He is the only one of the Cornet Brothers to have his own page.


  • Every Cornet brother has the same body and movement as Jason, but different voices and faces.


How About THAT?!
Jason Cornet
Enough of this nickel and dime stuff, lets kill 'em
Jason Cornet
I'm afraid that the Governor's otherwise occupied, next time I suggest you would make an appointment. Only there ain't gonna BE no next time!
Jason Cornet
Oh, show off!
Jason Cornet

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