I've got nothin' but good, honest product.
Jeb Murphy, advertising his merchandise

Jeb Murphy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Nothing is known of Jeb's background. His brother, Hamilton Murphy, is buried at the Coot's Chapel graveyard.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

He is the Gunsmith in Armadillo so the player will come in to contact with him when they visit the shop. He sells ammunition and guns. The player can also sell hides, skins, furs, and other provisions to him. His shop is located in the middle of town two buildings down from the doctors office.

Weapons Sold


Jeb Murphy
Jeb Murphy's my name! Synonymous with craftmanship.
Jeb Murphy
Whew, you need a bath sir!
Jeb Murphy comments on Marston
That's a fine deal!
Jeb Murphy when Marston purchases or sells something
Nice doin' business!
Jeb Murphy when Marston purchases or sells something
Ain't there enough space here?
Jeb Murphy when bumped into Marston
This was always comin'.
Jeb Murphy during a gunfight
I'ma just tryin to make a dollar in this town.
Jeb Murphy during a gunfight
Good day to ya.
Jeb Murphy, when threatened
I hear that Leigh Johnson pisses in a squat, if ya' catch my meanin'.
Jeb Murphy gossiping about Marshal Leigh Johnson


  • Dewey Greenwood regularly comments on Jeb. He often remarks that "there is something odd about that Jeb Murphy".
  • Whilst inside or around the gun shop, the player may hear some citizens mention that Jeb recently lost his son.
  • Jeb often comments on Marshal Leigh Johnson and accuses him of various wrongdoings.
  • He is very enthusiastic towards his customers.
  • Sometimes when entering the store, he will not be there. He can be found out the back door smoking, urinating or fiddling around with a revolver. He will then move to the desk to serve the player.
  • If the player attacks Jeb with his fists and pulls a gun out before he runs away, Jeb will pull out a repeater and start firing, causing him to be shot by the law as long as the player doesn't shoot him. However, he can take a large amount of damage from non-player characters before he dies.
  • Jeb shares a character head with Roy Twaddle, Grady Underwood, Coke Buckley, Tobias Finkelstein, Gus McCallum, Virgil Scoggins, and Cyril Purvis.


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