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Personally, I'm against education. Of women I mean, and men I guess. Unnecessary. Doesn't add much to the world.
Jenkins to Milliken

Jenkins is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



At some point prior to 1898, Jenkins became a prison guard working at the Sisika Penitentiary.

Events of Red Dead Online

Jenkins and another guard named Milliken are seen rounding up prisoners in the courtyard. Both Jenkins and Milliken have been assigned to transport a few prisoners, including the protagonist for a work detail.

During the trip, a stagecoach and a group of armed men block the road. One of the men, Horley, demands the two guards to drop their weapons and not do anything foolish. He then orders Jenkins to release the prisoners in the paddy wagon. After all but one of the prisoners have fled, Horley subsequently tells the two guards to do the same or risk being killed, to which both comply.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online

  • Intro


  • The player's default "Agency" gunbelt is taken from Jenkins.