Jeremiah Compson is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. He is the subject of the Stranger mission "The Iniquities of History".



Compson once worked for the Ascension Plantation where he was involved in the slave-holding plantations business in Rhodes. However, by 1870, the Ascension Plantation no longer required his services, and he was made redundant.

At some point he got a job working for the Central Union Railroad Company however he was fired by the company after large amounts of complaints from both customers and fellow employees.

The court eventually seized his house and possessions, granting ownership to the Bank of Rhodes under the order given by Judge Meredith Holden on November 18, 1895. As a result, Compson became homeless and turned to a life of alcoholism. He subsequently set up an encampment around Eris Field.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Compson is first encountered on a bench outside of Rhodes Train Station where he informs the player on how his once great life fell apart and how he lost everything. The player offers to break into his old home and retrieve three of his possessions: his old pistol, a ledger, and a valuable pocket watch.

During the search, the player discovers that Compson was once a slave hunter by the notes in his ledger, often writing how proud he was of the work he did in the position. The protagonist is disgusted by his findings and confronts him at his camp. Compson rants about how his life fell apart, how the public no longer respects him and how he lost the job he loved so much. The player then throws his possessions into his campfire, causing Compson to cry and fire the pistol at the player. However, due to its age and disrepair, the gun jams and Compson curses the player for destroying his possessions. His fate is then left for the player to decide - they can kill him, or simply walk away.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • While referred to as a revolver in-game, Jeremiah's gun is actually a flintlock pistol (U.S. Johnson Model 1836).
  • Jeremiah's surname is possibly a reference to Ladonna Compson, a character from the American/Canadian animated series Arthur. Like Jeremiah, Ladonna is a Southerner from Louisiana (represented in Red Dead Redemption 2 as Lemoyne).


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