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People often get nervous but there's really no need to...I'm just a normal guy. Who, well, happens to be...very famous.
Jeremy Gill

Jeremy Gill is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. He initiates the stranger side-mission "A Fisher of Fish".



Jeremy Gill is a famous fisherman known for capturing exotic fish and fishing with famous people from around the world. He has written articles that have been featured in newspapers across the Southern United States, and has authored several books and pamphlets on the subject.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The player can encounter Jeremy fishing on the pier on which his house sits upon. Jeremy assumes the player is a fan and asks if he would like an autograph or a photograph with him. After a short conversation, Jeremy asks the player to send him a number of large, rare fish that they are to catch, as long as they are at least twenty-four inches long and weigh at least ten pounds. He gives the player his card and a map, which pinpoints the locations of the legendary fish on the map.

After catching all of the legendary fish, Jeremy sends the player an invitation to his home in the mail. When the player arrives, Jeremy is fuming about his critics and announces that he intends to seek out a certain large catfish in Río Bravo and that he wants the protagonist to take a photograph of him catching it to disprove accusations of him being fraudulent. John is initially hesitant but relents to help him after he promises to reward him.

After the two reach the San Luis River, Jeremy casts his line while telling the player about himself. John takes to setting up close behind him and prepares his camera, and the two wait for the catfish. Eventually becoming bored, John falls asleep during Jeremy's continuous stories of his supposed wide fame.

When he wakes the next day, Jeremy is still bragging about his exploits and standing with his fishing line in the water. Suddenly, however, the line is finally tugged, and Jeremy struggles before he is pulled, with immense force, into the river. Jeremy is not seen again after this, although his hat and special spinner are left behind on the ground to be taken by the player.


Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Jeremy's appearance in 1899 is the same as it is in 1907. This makes him one of several characters to not visibly age in between the main campaign and the epilogue.
  • Arthur and John will both remark how they thought Jeremy was an "awful fella," in their respective journal entries, implying an immense dislike of him in the brief time they met him.
  • The player can acquire Gill's unique hat by killing him with dynamite or other explosive and looting it prior to starting his mission, which is the only way it can be acquired as Arthur.
  • Indicated by his conversation with the player, Gill had been facing accusations for being a fraud, thus he attempted to catch the Legendary Channel Catfish to prove himself, which ultimately led to his death.
    • Considering that Gill is willing to pay the player to capture several legendary fishes so he can take credit, rather than of capturing them himself, as well as his shoddy advice and poor technique while fishing, these accusations are likely not entirely baseless.
  • Jeremy's name happens to be similar to famous real-life modern-day English fisherman and author, Jeremy Wade. Besides sharing the same first name, both also happen to have fishing-related surnames while working in that profession, with Jeremy Gill's like the "gills" of a fish and Jeremy Wade's being similar to the act of "wading" through water.
    • Additionally, Jeremy Wade is the host of several fishing television series, the most popular of which is called River Monsters. The second episode of River Monsters is titled "Killer Catfish," revolving around a catfish that had purportedly attacked human victims. Likewise, during Gill's second interaction, he is drowned by the legendary catfish he was trying to catch; the primary method in which the real fish featured in said episode supposedly killed.



  1. Stated at the top of each lure handbill