My poor husband, he deserved so much better than this but this is what he got. This is what we all got...
Jessica LeClerk

Jessica LeClerk is a central character featured in Red Dead Online.



Prior to 1898, Jessica married a man named Philip LeClerk, whom she loved dearly. She was close friends with Grace Lancing, the wife of her husband's business partner, Amos, and was by extension, among the town of Blackwater's social elite.

After her husband was allegedly murdered by a bystander, Jessica found evidence implicating that the Lancings, Jeremiah Shaw, and Teddy Brown had all conspired to kill Philip in order to seize his assets and control of his business. With the help of Horley, Philip's former assistant-turned-Jessica's bodyguard, she arranged for the bystander that was wrongfully accused of the murder to be rescued from their prison work detail before their execution.

Events of Red Dead Online

A Land of Opportunities

The protagonist is led to her camp by Horley shortly after he and two armed men release them from a prison wagon, whereupon Jessica greets them and explains how her husband was killed by Teddy Brown on the orders of Amos and Grace Lancing and Jeremiah Shaw, and that the protagonist was framed for the murder. After revealing that she is the one who had the protagonist released, Jessica promises to help them prove their innocence as well, if they in turn assist her in her mission to avenge Philip's death. Jessica then allows the protagonist to leave, saying that she will contact them again soon, and provides them with a camp through JB Cripps and work opportunities through Horley, so that they could get back on their feet in the meantime.

Later, the protagonist and their posse meet with Jessica and Horley to attack Teddy Brown's gang at Fort Mercer, alongside local law enforcement and U.S. Marshals. Jessica provides the protagonists with metal-plated armor and is anxious to witness Brown's death, but Horley advises her to stay behind for her own safety and reputation. Once Brown's gang has been killed and Brown himself incapacitated by the protagonists, Jessica arrives and interrogates Brown about Philip's murder. Brown admits to killing Philip, though he expresses no remorse, and refuses to reveal who ordered him to do so. A frustrated Jessica promptly executes Brown and thanks to the protagonists for their help before leaving with Horley.

Not long after, Amos Lancing and Jeremiah Shaw invite Jessica to meet them in Blackwater. Suspicious of their intentions, she and Horley ask the protagonist's posse to accompany them. In Blackwater, Lancing greets Jessica and states that he misses Philip and feels bad about his death. He claims that he had nothing to do with her husband’s death and agrees with her that Teddy Brown deserved to die. Lancing then informs Jessica of a supposed agreement he made with her husband that in the event of one of them dying, the other would inherit the business in exchange for a nominal sum. Jessica accuses him of lying and Lancing states that she signed the agreement last year. He states the signed document is with Shaw and that she will only be able to inherit $500 dollars worth of her husband’s property. Jessica knows that her husband’s property is worth more than that amount and is furious at Lancing. Jessica pulls her revolver from her purse and abruptly shoots Lancing dead.

Following a shootout with Lancing's guards, the protagonists help Jessica get to safety and Horley to retrieve the documents from Shaw, discovering they are forged. After escaping from Blackwater, Jessica states that confronting Grace Lancing, the last of the conspirator's to have Philip killed, will have to wait, and that she and Horley need to find a way to clear their names after everything that occurred recently. Jessica then thanks the protagonists for their assistance, calling them her true friends. After paying them for their services and advising them to not get into too much trouble, Jessica leaves with Horley to go into hiding.



Jessica LeClerk shows herself to be a well-mannered and resourceful individual. Upon her first encounter with the protagonist, she conveys her intentions of seeking revenge on those who both betrayed her and wronged them, through calculating means. All the while, possessing an awareness of the complex details within conflicts she becomes involved in as a whole. However, her behavior shifts starkly rash when confronted with the opportunity of achieving revenge in the name of her deceased lover. In doing so, she comes at odds with her closest friend, Horley, ignoring and even outright rejecting his advice in these situations.

While having been an individual with close ties to high society before her husband's murder, Jessica shows a sense of empathy for those around her beyond maintaining inconsequential preferences in her lifestyle. Alongside this, she chooses to step out of what would be considered her normal boundaries more often than not to confront those responsible for the loss inflicted on her. Yet, her bolder actions reveal the psychological damage she suffers from trauma. Her initial aversion to conducting an act of violence herself turns indifferent, as shown when she mercilessly executes Teddy Brown. When abruptly doing so again under arranged circumstances and reflecting shortly afterward, she admits she didn't know she had done so until after she had pulled the trigger.

In regards to how she treats those she employs, she is very generous, paying the protagonist and their posse handsomely for their assistance when she calls upon it. Later, she begins to express her gratitude more openly by calling them true friends of hers.

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