My poor husband, he deserved so much better than this but this is what he got. This is what we all got...
Jessica LeClerk

Jessica LeClerk is a central character featured in Red Dead Online.



Prior to the online story, Jessica married a man named Philip LeClerk, whom she loved dearly. She was close friends with Grace Lancing, the wife of her husband's business partner and was by extension, among the town of Blackwater's social elite.

After her husband was allegedly murdered by a bystander, she eventually discovered them to be innocent of the crime and her husband's business partners to be the true perpetrators. With the help of Horley, Philip's loyal but now former assistant, she arranged for the accused to be rescued from their prison work detail.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player is led to her camp by Horley shortly after he and two armed men forced their jail wagon to a halt. Here, Jessica both welcomes and brings them up to speed about how her husband was killed, and why the player was wrongly accused of his murder. She also tells them that she was responsible for having them set free. After allowing them to go about their own devices until she requires their further assistance, she expresses her intentions of working with them soon.



LeClerk is often rash and does not listen to Horley when he attempts to calm her down when she goes after her husband's killers. She is, however, kind to her employees and pays them handsomely. When confronting her husband's killer, she shoots him mercilessly in the head, avenging her husband.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


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