This ain't right. This ain't justice. I'm the law, and this ain't right.

Jessie Hargrove, attacking the Undead.

Jessie Hargrove is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Jessie is a lawman who operates in New Austin and West Elizabeth


Red Dead Redemption

Jessie can sometimes be seen wandering the streets of Armadillo. However, if Marston has a bounty, Jessie will track him to multiple locations around New Austin. He can also be found patrolling in and near the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Jessie can be found defending the town of Armadillo where he is on the roof of one of the chicken coops, however can sometimes be found standing alongside Adrienne Lachance in the cinema. If Armadillo is saved and Jessie survives, he will stand on the Saloon's balcony smoking while talking to Adrienne Lachance.

He can also be found during a random encounter, in which he claims to be sick and needs a doctor. He will then turn into an undead and attempt to attack the player.


Over here partner, I need your help! I am the law and I ain't feeling so good.
Jessie Hargrove, before turning into undead


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