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Jesuit Missionary is a point of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2. This set of skeletal remains is located at the west end of New Austin, and is east of the Sea of Coronado.


These appear to be the bones of a man who perished while travelling through New Austin some time prior. Inspection of the remains reveal that they are over a century old, as attested by a letter found in the skeleton's faded clothing.

The letter confirms that the man, a Jesuit by the name of Rodolfo, had become disillusioned with the Catholic Church and departed a Spanish mission in California to travel east, most likely to spread the word of his faith. The author of the note, Cardinal Blanco, has attempted to dissuade Rodolfo from following this potentially dangerous course, and that the younger man's mind and skills would be better used among his fellows. Regardless, it appears that Rodolfo undertook the "vainglorious journey alone," as Blanco feared, and perished in the attempt. Whether he died of exhaustion, starvation, animal attack or more sinister causes is unknown.

Missable Item

  • Letter to Brother Rodolfo


  • While the actual letter is written in Spanish (as seen if playing the game in first-person view), the "read" option translates it to English for the players convenience, or whichever language the player has the game set to.
  • Considering that Arthur dies before the player is supposed to reach New Austin, it is unknown why he is able to give an alternative entry in the journal; most likely, Arthur was supposed to visit New Austin at an earlier point in the game, but this was removed.
  • It is unknown why the missionary's remains were not moved or eaten by scavengers.
  • Like all the other points of interest in New Austin and southern West Elizabeth, they do not re-appear in Red Dead Redemption.


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