...about as trustworthy as a sidewinder.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Jethro Greensleeves is a character in Red Dead Revolver.


Jethro was an experienced ranch hand who was hired by Annie Stoakes to work at Stoakes' Ranch. Although he was good at his duties, he was untrustworthy and began to steal from the ranch. The description of the Belt Buckle implies that he helped set the ranch on fire and that he also abused animals.


It appears as random enemy in the mission Range War where along with Gilbert and Dirk burn the Stoakes' ranch.

Not much more information about this character which, besides being many times in this mission with three different outfits, two of these models are Gilbert and Dirk.

While Gilbert and Dirk do carry a Six-Shooter and go riding. while he is always armed with a Halcon Rifle.

He only appear in the first and third part of the mission in several waves.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

This character is not available in Showdown Mode.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Jethro Greensleeves is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 120 - 121 under the Outlaws in Twelve States section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing the Belt Buckle from the Tailor in Brimstone.

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