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You saved my life...You're a good man!
Jimmy Brooks to Arthur, if he decides to save him.

Jimmy Brooks is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Brooks was a resident of the town of Blackwater in 1899.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan encounters Jimmy Brooks in Valentine, where he recognizes Morgan as having been in Blackwater with the Van der Linde gang, during the botched ferry robbery. Arthur attempts to convince him otherwise, but Brooks rides off in fear. Morgan chases him across the country on his horse until Brooks falls off his own and is left hanging off a cliff, begging to be saved. Arthur then has the choice of either saving Jimmy or letting him die:

If Arthur chooses to kill him: Not wishing to take any chances with him, Arthur ensures that Jimmy won’t say a word by stamping on his hands and thus causing him to plummet to his death. For this, the player will lose Honor.
If Arthur chooses to rescue him: After helping Jimmy up from the cliff, Arthur threatens him into not saying a word about the fact that he was in Blackwater. Brooks is extremely grateful for his life being saved and promises that he will not tell anyone, before giving Arthur a steel pen and then riding away. For this, the player will gain Honor. Jimmy's final words to Arthur can be one of the lines he reflects upon during his last ride.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


Weren't you in Blackwater a few weeks back?
Jimmy recognizing Arthur
No, no! I-I-I got it wrong, partner... I got it very wrong, now please help me up!
Jimmy begging Arthur to pull him off the cliff
I made a mistake, I’m sorry!
Jimmy apologizing if Arthur questions him; a line Arthur remembers on his final ride to camp in the "Red Dead Redemption" mission if his Honor is low
I n-never saw you...not-not now, not-not never. I think we have an understanding?
Jimmy agreeing to never speak about his encounter with Arthur


  • There is a poem about Jimmy Brooks in the Strange Man's shack at Bayall Edge, chronicling either his death or survival, depending on whether or not Arthur saved him.
  • The pen which Jimmy gives Arthur can be sold to a Fence for $10 or given to Mary-Beth once she makes the camp request to Arthur in Chapter 2. Besides the Fountain Pen, no other pens can be found in the game. Its further properties or utilities, if any, are unknown.
  • The entries in Arthur's journal about his encounter with Jimmy Brooks vary slightly, depending on whether the player chooses to save him or to let him die/kill him.