John's Knife is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It cannot be customized.


Owned by John Marston, this sturdy hunting knife combines a deadly clip-point blade with a narrow wooden handle. It is slightly smaller than the default Hunting Knife, although it performs just the same.

Along with his revolver, John can be seen with this weapon in 1899 during his time in the gang.


The knife becomes available once the player has reached the epilogue, after “Motherhood”.



  • The compendium’s description of this weapon says that this knife is useful for “fighting off wolves on a snowy mountainside”, likely poking fun at John’s failure to do so during Chapter 1 in “Enter, Pursued by a Memory”.
  • Despite being the hunting knife of John Marston, it does not appear in Red Dead Redemption, being replaced by a larger Bowie knife.


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