They weren't Christians... so I sent 'em to hell!
Jon ranting about the Indians

Jon is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Jon hunted Indians at some point in his past. He massacred those he encountered, and even claims to have eaten the heart of one. In the Valentine saloon, he can be heard audibly expressing his hatred towards the Native Americans.


From Chapter 2 onward, he loiters around Smithfield's Saloon in Valentine. Jon only appears here between the times of 12 PM and 6 AM. He can be seen sitting at one of the tables, drinking and ranting about the Indians, among other ethnic groups.

As he loudly rants about the Indians, the player is eventually given the option to antagonize him. If the player stares directly at him after this, he becomes irritated and will attack the player with his fists.

If he is knocked down during the fight, his raccoon hat will be knocked off his head, which can be picked up by the player and kept.


Jon will eventually get annoyed if you keep staring at him and will begin to attack you.


  • He looks similar to the Sasquatch Hunter from the first Red Dead Redemption. As such, he also has a similar appearance to the Sasquatch Hunter from Grand Theft Auto V.
  • He is much harder to take down compared to other NPCs.
  • In addition to disliking Natives, he also holds a grudge against the inhabitants of Valentine, as well as the drinks in the saloon. It would appear he dislikes many more demographics.
  • In a drunk monologue, Grizzled Jon says that he has eaten human meat (both White and Native American), as well as feces, when he ran out of food to eat on a journey gone wrong.
  • He also claims that he has massacred bison.
  • Alternatively, the player can also fight him by bumping into him when he leaves the saloon.
  • Wearing the stolen Raccoon Hat in Valentine whilst Jon is present, regardless of location, will instantly make him hostile.
  • He appears to be blind in his left eye.
  • Jon looks considerably older in 1907 than he does in 1899; this likely due to his supposedly rough lifestyle, as well as heavy drinking.


Real men don’t care where other men turd!
What's your problem partner? Yeah you! With the squinty eyes... and the big old head... and the women's britches... you!
Jon If the player stares at him for too long


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