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Jorge Montez is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



Jorge Montez is the brother of Alfredo Montez and a member of Del Lobo gang.

Events of Red Dead Online

US Marshal Tom Davies hires the protagonist and their posse to help him capture Alfredo Montez. Alfredo and Del Lobo gang are supposedly spotted around near Manzanita Post. The protagonist will follow Davies to Manzanita Post.

Davies introduces his informant Lee, who has tracked down where the gang is located. Lee states that Del Lobos gang is patrolling the woods. The protagonist with their posse will follow Lee and take out any gang members patrolling the woods. The protagonist and the others arrive at Swadbass Point where the Del Lobo gang are located and gunfight will occur.

Jorge Montez is killed in the gunfight and Lee mistakes Jorge for Alfredo Montez. Lee then mutilates Jorge's corpse by taking his head instead of carrying his body. The online protagonist and others will head back to the Manzanita Post to receive payment and will have to eliminate the Del Lobo gang members pursing them. Davies notices that head is Jorge and not Alfredo Montez . Lee is disappointed that he identified the wrong person. Davies pays Lee and online protagonist's posse. Afterwards, Lee throws Jorge's head on the ground.



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