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Josephine Bernier is a Minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Josephine Bernier's background, only that she is the mother of Ira and Lewis Shelton based on her quotes.


Josephine Bernier can be found mostly in the Blackwater Bank doing paperwork. She can also be found in the  Blackwater saloon drinking behind the counter. She is also found riding the blue Train and walking down off the train at MacFarlane's Ranch. She can also be seen in Armadillo probably visiting her sons.


  • A woman with the same character model as her, albeit recolored, can be seen all over New Austin.
  • She shares a character head with Mintie Cummings.
  • She, along with her son Lewis, are not seen in Undead Nightmare, giving the fact that Ira is the last survivor of his family.


Why hello.
Mrs. Shelton greeting the player
Have you seen Ira?
Mrs. Shelton
You're looking well.
Mrs. Shelton greeting the player
I hope Lewis ain't doing troubles like he used to.
Mrs. Shelton about her son
Mrs. Shelton when assaulted


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