Joshua Brown is a minor character and bounty target featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Sometime before the year 1899, Brown was originally a bounty hunter himself and was able to get away with several previous murders as told by Sheriff Farley. However, he later murdered several innocent people and a $40 bounty was put on his head by the Big Valley Sheriff's office in Strawberry.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

If in Strawberry, Arthur can collect a bounty for Brown. The Sheriff will tell Arthur that he has little chance, and they already have half the bounty hunters in the area looking for him.

If Arthur chooses to go looking for him, he will go inspect an old abandoned mine. It is then that Brown will appear. The two will engage in a duel, in which Arthur will shoot Brown's gun out of his hands before arresting him. After bringing him to the Strawberry Jail, the Sheriff will appear amazed, before telling him to throw him in a cell downstairs. After doing so, Arthur will collect the forty dollar reward before leaving.


The duel with Brown is unique in that the opponent must not be killed, as he is wanted alive.

Since the player will not lose honor from this duel, as the opponent is a bounty target, the easiest way to beat Brown is by cheating: immediately activate Dead Eye, manually aim for a non-vital spot, like his arms and legs, and only shoot once.

Alternatively, Brown can also be disarmed. To do so, fully charge the Draw Meter and immediately shoot when he reaches for his handgun.


  • A rival bounty hunter refers to him as "Big Josh", likely a nickname.


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