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The Journal is an item in Red Dead Redemption 2 that Arthur Morgan and John Marston write in. It details story and mission moments, animals, world interactions, and more. It's updatable after a time jump sequence, which is done via resting in a bed, campfire, hotel room, or by death and detention consequence.

Depending on how much information that Arthur or John learn before a time jump, and their Honor level, they will draw and write for consecutive pages. The importance of the writing also goes with the importance of the information. If it's about the starting or ending of a Chapter, the writing will take two pages or more. In most of these cases, there's a drawing in the left page, and the writing is in the right page; it can also be a double-page drawing on some occasions. If it's about a mission experience, it will totally depend on the mission (the paragraph will also have all the decisions that were taken on the playthrough written). If it's an animal or vegetable that has been known, it will have a small (and not very detailed) drawing, except on the cases of legendary animals that will take two pages of the journal.

The journal is very useful to guide the protagonist along all their decisions that they made since the beginning, because it can help identify the causes of some acts in the game.

Gang Savings

A Arthur Morgan
B Bill Williamson
C Charles Smith
D Dutch van der Linde
H Hosea Matthews
JE Javier Escuella
JM John Marston
K Karen Jones
L Lenny Summers
M Micah Bell
S Sean MacGuire
Leopold Strauss
Sadie Adler
T Josiah Trelawny
U Uncle
Participants Gang Share Total Savings Mission
D, M, L, JE, C, B & A X Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?[1]
A, JM & B 300 300 Paying a Social Call
A & H 150 450 The Spines of America
A & M 600 1050 An American Pastoral Scene
A, JM, S[2] & C 750 1800 Pouring Forth Oil IV
A, B, C & U 450 2250 An Honest Mistake
D, M, L, JE, C, B & A 1000 3250 Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?[1]
A, JM & JE 350 3600 Horse Flesh for Dinner
A & S[2] 425 4025 The Fine Joys of Tobacco
A, B, L & K 10000 14025 Sodom? Back to Gomorrah
A & T 375 14400 Friends in Very Low Places
A & JM 225 14625 Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor
A, T, JE & S[3] 3000 17625 A Fine Night of Debauchery
A, D & L X 17625 Urban Pleasures[4]
A, D, JE, B, H, Abigail, JM, C & M X 17625 Banking, The Old American Art[5]
A, D, C, B & S[6] 6000 23625 My Last Boy[7]
A, D, B, JE, S[6], M, Joe & Cleet 19000 42625 Our Best Selves[8]


  • The most pages a player can get is 568. (Counting blank pages and not counting Arthur's New Austin drawings as they are meant for John and can only be jotted down once).
  • The job done in the mission "The Sheep and the Goats" is not listed, possibly because the money was never collected, although other jobs where the result was the same are included despite this.
  • No jobs completed during companion activities are included, so Mary-Beth Gaskill and Tilly Jackson are not included in the legend, despite taking part in Sean and Bill's stagecoach robberies, respectively.
  • Susan Grimshaw, Simon Pearson, Orville Swanson, Molly O'Shea and Kieran Duffy are not included in the legend either, since they never participate in any jobs during the story. Kieran does take part in the "Paying a Social Call" job, albeit in a limited capacity.
  • An interesting detail in the journal is that Arthur's drawings and writing are considerably better in quality and more professional than John's; this is proven by watching his mission's memories and collectible drawings. Arthur tends to have detailed drawings spanning two pages, while John's drawings are rarely more than a simple doodle.
  • Strangely, Arthur is able to write entries in the journal regarding Points of interest located in New Austin, despite being unable to actually reach that state without the use of exploits.


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