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For the Red Dead Redemption 2 variant, see Kentucky Saddler (RDR 2).

A golden pearl horse. Fast speed.

–In-game description

The Kentucky Saddler is a horse breed featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Alongside the American Standardbred and Hungarian Half-bred, the Kentucky Saddler is one of the three top-tier horse breeds available in Redemption, not including DLCs. It has high stamina and is a fast horse, but its overall damage resistance is average.

The Kentucky Saddler is described as being "golden pearl" horse, though it is a cream palomino in color. This breed is characterized by a satin coat of brown, black, or chestnut, often with a white face and leg markings and is notable for its tremendous showy action in all gaits, well-formed, swan-like neck with aristocratic arch and uplifted tail.

A chance to break this horse is present at the end of the mission "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions", and is a gift from Bonnie MacFarlane.


The deed for this horse can be purchased at any general store for $1500 (or $750, depending on location, with high enough honor, or with low honor at Thieves' Landing) after the player has successfully broken the horse at least once. Deeds are permanent items, so the player can use a deed as many times as they like, and it will still remain in their inventory. Usage of a deed will allow a specific horse to respawn in the event it is killed or the player would simply like to switch horses.

Special note: The necessity of acquiring a deed to enable usage of the Kentucky Saddler in the earliest stages of the game can be bypassed by entering Tall Trees (Great Plains and its center, Blackwater), accessible behind MacFarlane's Ranch riverside, carefully saving or "camping" behind the railroad track and near the bottommost tree: the entire region is then open to the player and the Kentucky Saddler, while impossible of spawning in any zone of the map in the wild before Bonnie's relevant mission, is programmed to spawn as a usable horse in the many horse-posts at Manzanita Post. If desiring to possess the Saddler more long-term, simply hop on the horse and re-hitch, thereafter it becomes Marston's (temporary) "permanent" horse. If dying as "temporarily permanent", as outlined here, however, the Kentucky Saddler shall NOT respawn as Marston's (hitched, permanent) horse, a random generic horse being its replacement, or reverting to Marston's default previous mount.


The exact location of Kentucky Saddler.

The Kentucky Saddler shall not appear in the wild as tameable until reaching Bonnie's relevant mission.

A Kentucky Saddler can be caught near Warthington Ranch, south of MacFarlane's Ranch. It also very rarely spawns in the horse corral at MacFarlane's Ranch, and quite commonly in Manzanita Post as well.

Kentucky Saddlers tend to traipse around the Cholla Springs area in general, literally around the words "Cholla Springs" and the horse herd icon beneath them. It can also be caught northwest of Armadillo, near Rattlesnake Hollow. Rarely, groups of 3 can be found near Cueva Seca

If you're having a difficult time finding one, running the Armadillo bounty missions is a good way to find one. The criminals often have a fast mount for a getaway and it's easy enough to take the Saddler from one of them.

Additionally, groups of two or more have been spotted in the following locations:


  • This breed was developed primarily from the Thoroughbred and the Naragansett Pacer.
  • A common name for this breed is the American Saddlebred. The name 'Kentucky Saddler' was likely chosen over 'American Saddlebred' because of the close spelling to another good horse in the game, the American Standardbred.
  • In multiplayer, it can most often be found at Manzanita Post, being ridden or pulling wagons, or during the Tesoro Azul hideout in Mexico being ridden by some of the bandits.
  • The Kentucky Saddler is the only three-star horse to appear in Undead Nightmare.


The player is required to tame a Kentucky Saddler to complete the following achievement:

10 gamerscoregamerscore
Bronze bronzebronze
Break the Kentucky Saddler, American Standardbred and the Hungarian Half-bred.