Kill Them, Each and Every One is a story mission in Red Dead Online. It is given by Horley and can be played regardless of the player's honor.

Mission overview

You were told to meet Horley and Mrs. LeClerk south of Armadillo.

The man who killed her husband may be holed up nearby.


The player and their posse meet up with Horley and Jessica LeClerk at a camp near Fort Mercer, where Teddy Brown and his gang are hiding. Jessica is anxious to witness the man who murdered her husband killed, but Horley advises her to stay behind for her safety and reputation.

Horley leads the players to Fort Mercer, which is besieged by the U.S. Marshals. One of them tells Horley that Amos Lancing and Jeremiah Shaw have been trying to pressure them into leaving Brown be. The players then sport a set of metal plated armor each, which were brought by Horley, and take part in the assault on Fort Mercer. After killing all of Brown's men, the players face Brown himself, who is also wearing armor but is eventually outgunned and subdued.

Shortly after, Jessica arrives and confronts Brown. He confesses to having killed her husband, but doesn't show any remorse, and refuses to reveal who he was commissioned by. Angered by him and realizing Brown will not be of any more use to her, Jessica kills him via headshot, partly avenging her husband. Afterward, she leaves, determined to find the others responsible for her husband's murder, and tells Horley to pay the players for their assistance.


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