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The Killer Prostitute is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



A resident of Valentine, by 1899 she worked as a prostitute in the town. According to Sheriff Malloy, the unnamed prostitute murdered several men before encountering the player.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

At some stage, the killer prostitute approaches the player in Valentine and asks for help. The player can then accept or decline her request.

If the player agrees to help, she escorts them to a hotel room inside the Smithfield's Saloon. Inside, a deceased man lies on the bed, appearing to have been stabbed. The prostitute claims she had to kill the man in self-defense, and asks the player to help her dispose of the man's body.

If the player helps the prostitute: After agreeing to help her, the player picks up the dead man's body and, while avoiding any nearby lawmen, takes it to a pigsty to be eaten by the pigs and therefore remove the evidence of his death. The player then returns to the prostitute, who continues to frantically scrub the bed to remove the blood stains. She gives the protagonist $14 as a reward for helping her, before they part ways. If this option is chosen, the player loses Honor.

If the player reports to the law: Suspicious, the player tells her that they’ll alert the law; in response, the prostitute attempts to stab and kill the player, but to no avail as she instead gets hogtied. Subsequently, the player either takes her to the town's sheriff directly or tells him to visit the scene of the murder. Either way, the player is rewarded $12 and the prostitute is incarcerated. With this choice, the protagonist gains Honor.

A few days thereafter, she is publicly hanged on the gallows in Valentine. If the player wishes, they can intervene and save the woman from her fate, though this will cause the player to lose honor.


  • Given that the player loses honor if they help her or save her from hanging, and gains honor for turning her in, it can be presumed that her story was a lie to get away with murder.
    • Looting her will give the player 3 Oleander Sage and an opened Fine Brandy, implying she was drugging her victims with poisoned alcohol before murdering them.
  • If the player fails to tie her up and she manages to run away from Valentine, the player will receive a bounty for kidnapping when capturing her.
  • Sometimes when the player enters the Sheriff's office to report her, a glitch occurs where the Sheriff and the Deputy will be sitting in the same chair, on top of each other.
  • Her character is possibly a reference to the HBO TV series Deadwood, in which the first episode involves a prostitute killing an abusive john and his body then being fed to pigs.
  • If the player never previously encountered her, her hanging can be witnessed in the epilogue.
  • If John Marston encounters her, he will write a comment in the journal that she reminds him of Abigail.