Give me your damn weaponry!

Kosumi to Marston, MacDougal, and Nastas

Kosumi is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Kosumi is a native American and is a member of Dutch's Gang in West Elizabeth.


Kosumi is encountered during the mission "For Purely Scientific Purposes", in which he, Enepay and Hinto meet with Harold MacDougal, John Marston, and Nastas at Bearclaw Camp. After a brief exchange of words, Enepay shoots and kills Nastas, causing Marston to shoot Kosumi and his comrades in return.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


I like your clothes, little man, they'll look good on me!
There is nothing for me in this world. Do not test me.
Your fear makes you stink like a filthy pig.
I will skin and eat you! You let me go!
Kosumi, when hogtied
Where do you think you're going, coward?
My dead uncle shoots straighter than you.
Look behind you, coward, I'm coming for you.
Open your eyes, we're being flanked.
I'm gonna trade your scalp for a whore's time, little man!
Kosumi during a gunfight


  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Jay Sheeyah.
  • Kosumi translates to "Fishes for Salmon with a Spear".
  • Before the release of the game, he, Enepay, Hassun, Helaku, and Nashoba were meant to be bounty targets but were scrapped before the game was available to the public.[citation needed]
  • He, like all of the other Dutch's gang members, cannot be found in free roam.
  • Oddly, when captured in Nightwatch in Blackwater, he may refer to himself in the third person.


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