Kwok Seng is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


Kwok Seng is a Chinese immigrant, who landed in America at some point prior to 1911.


Kwok can be found around either Benedict Point or Ridgewood Farm in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. He can be seen performing various odd jobs or hanging around the platform at the Benedict Point train station. When attacked, he will never act aggressively towards the player.


Aiya! ("Oh my goodness" in Chinese-Cantonese)
Kwok Seng while being attacked


  • Kwok Seng bears a strong resemblance to Lee Siu-Lung.
  • Like most Chinese characters in the game, Kwok Seng speaks in the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, hinting at his place of origin in the Guangdong province.
  • Kwok Seng can also be translated as "郭成", the word "郭" (Kwok) is a fairly common family name in China, while the word "成" (Seng) means complete.
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