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Lakay is a camp hideout in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Bayou Nwa region of the Lemoyne territory.

It lies southeast of Lagras and northwest of Saint Denis on a piece of land jutting into the Kamassa River. Little is known about Lakay other than the fact of the rumors of it being haunted and locals are afraid of it. The Van der Linde gang temporarily camps in this location near the end of the fifth chapter of the game.


Lakay is seen during the mission "Fleeting Joy". After Dutch, Bill, Micah, Javier, and Arthur get back from Guarma, Arthur goes to Shady Belle to find that the gang has fled to Lakay. However, the Pinkertons manage to locate the gang soon afterwards, and attack Lakay with a machine gun. Their attack is foiled when Arthur sneaks up to the Pinkerton operating the machine gun and then takes it over to kill the rest of the Pinkertons, with the help of Sadie and Bill.



  • The Shrunk Head can be found on the altar of a small voodoo shrine in the middle of the settlement.
  • A partly collapsed shack can be found to the north. Hanging on the northernmost wall there is the Cat Skull Mask.
  • The Legendary Longnose Gar can be fished at the northwestern point.
  • On a table inside the largest house to the south is the Cigarette Card for the Coral Snake.
  • Roughly due north of the house is a shack. On the shelf inside is the Cigarette Card for Golden Currant.
  • The Tiny Church can be found to the east and slightly north.
  • A group of buildings lies to the southeast, almost to the border of Saint Denis. On a crate west of the cabin is the Cigarette Card for Indian Tobacco. On the mantle inside is Valerian Root. On the south windowsill inside is the Cigarette Card for Yarrow.
  • All around Lakay, on the islands as well, can be gathered Gator Eggs, Acuna's Star Orchid, Rat Tail Orchid, Queen's Orchid, Cigar Orchid, and Ghost Orchid.
  • Despite being used as a Van der Linde camp site, the tithing box funds and supply icons do not appear, possibly due to the fact it’s a temporary camp.
  • During the night and before or after the camp sets up, Nightfolk can be seen around Lakay.
  • Lakay is Creole for "home".